Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy

National Action Plans

Based on the recommendations of the draft roadma,p national plans will be developed and implemented in 6 countries: Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovenia, representing the geographical spread, socio-economic diversity and differences in CSI uptake in Europe.

National Action Plans are expected to be implemented starting second part of 2017.

National Plan Bulgaria

The Initiative of Health Foundation (Bulgaria) is responsible for developing the plan for Bulgaria, supported by NGO ‘Promena’ and the National Council on Drugs.

National Plan Ireland

Ana Liffey (Ireland) is responsible for developing the plan for italy, supported by the existing CS network.

National Plan Italy

Forum Droghe and Lila Milano (Italy) are responsible for developing the plan for Italy, supported by National Drug Agency at the Council of Ministers (DPA – Dipartimento Politiche Antidroga – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri), ital. REITOX, the inter-parliamentary group for drug reform and a number of national NGO networks:ITARDD, CNCA.

National Plan Netherlands

The Rainbow Group, host of the Correlation Network (the Netherlands) is responsible for developing the plan for the Netherlands, supported by the National Drug Coordinator at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Trimbos Institute and the Mainline Foundation.

National Plan Portugal

APDES (Portugal) is responsible for developing the plan for Portugal, supported by SICAD – Ñational Service of Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies, GAT – Activist Group for the Treatment of HIV, the National Association of Drug Users and the Parliamentary Committee on Health.

National Plan Slovenia

UTRIP (Slovenia) is responsible for developing the plan for Slovenia, supported by the Ministry of Health and National Institute of Public Health.



VNGOC meeting during CND 2017

The Annual General Meeting  of the Vienna Non-Governmental Organization Committee on Drugs (VNGOC)  is scheduled for Thursday, 16.March 2017 from 3.30p.m.- 5.30p.m.

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In November 2016, a project on CSI started activities

The project is funded by the European Commission DG Home drug program for 2 years and coordinated by Correlation Network. Project partners will work on a CSI assessment in the European Union, preparing a roadmap and national action plans in pilot countries. Please...

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The Regenboog Group (RG) is the main applicant of the project. RG is an Amsterdam-based NGO committed to people with social problems, such as homelessness, drug and alcohol use and psychiatric disorders. RG is the host of Correlation – European Network Social Inclusion & Health.
The Centre for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research of the Hamburg University (ZIS) has a sound record of successfully implemented projects on national, European and international level. The ZIS conducts practice-oriented research in the field of drug policy, drug treatment, harm reduction, monitoring and health promotion for a variety of vulnerable groups such as prisoners, sex workers, women, ageing drug users. It also organises conferences, capacity building seminars and provides education to health professionals.
Apdes (Portugal), Ana Liffey (Ireland), Droghe Forum (Italy), Lila (Italy), Initiative of Health (Bulgaria) are all leading CSOs in their country, working with marginalized groups and people and engaging in political dialogue.
  • Ana Liffey also provides the chair of the civil society working group in the current CSF on Drugs.
  • Lila provided the co-chair of the Civil society Forum on HIV/AIDS.
UTRIP is a research institute in Slovenia, engaged in national and European projects, also chairing the working group on quality standards at the Civil society Forum on Drugs.
A number of relevant European Networks support the activities:
  • European Civil Society Forum on Drugs
  • European Civil Society Forum on HIV/AIDS
  • International Drug Policy Consortium
  • Harm Reduction International (European Harm Reduction Network),
  • European Network of People Who Use Drugs
  • European AIDS Treatment Group


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