CSIDP Conference

on 5 November 2018 in Brussels

Programme 5 November 2018

9.30 – 11.00

Opening session


Welcome and Introduction

Chair: Katrin  Schiffer, Correlation Network

Laurene Collard, CSF Drugs
Nicos Dedes, CSF HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis
Celine Ruiz, European Commission, DG Home



The EU commitment of Civil Society Involvement

Floriana Sipala, European Commission, DG Organised Crime and Drug Policy


The state of civil society involvement in drug policy –
results of the European assessment on civil society involvement – University of Hamburg

Marcus Martens, Harald Lahusen, University of Hamburg



Challenges of meaningful civil society involvement on European level

Moderator: Eberhard Schatz, Correlation Network
Sini Pasanen, HIV Finland


Rimalda Voske, DG Sante
Celine Ruiz, DG Home
Laurene Collard, CSF Drugs
Nicos Dedes, CSF HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis
Danilo Balotta, EMCDDA





11.00  – 11.30

Coffee break



11.30  – 13.00

CSI on international level

Chair: John Peter Kools, Trimbos Institute


Civil society involvement on UN level: does it work? Vienna NGO Committee on Drugs

Jamie Bridge, IDPC


Panel Discussion:
The importance and need of community involvement

Moderator: Raoul Fransen-dos Santos, International Civil Society Support


Mat Southwell, EuroNPUD
Tatjana Reic, ELPA
Iga Kender-Jeziorska, YODA
Luca Stevenson, INSWP



CS under pressure – populism, lack of funding and consequences for CSI

Moderator: Ghanna Dovbakh , EHRA and Peter Sarosi, Drugreporter


Peter Sarosi, Hungary
Country examples
Anya Sarang (Russia)
Alina Bocai (ARAS, Romania)
Anna Lyubenova (IFH, Bulgaria)




13.00 – 14.00

Lunch break



14.00 – 15.30

Breaking it down to local and national level, encouraging examples:

Moderator: Jamie Bridge, IDPC and Lella Cosmaro, Lila



Key note lecture: Promoting Democracy, Improving Government, Renewing Trust

Lucy McTernan, Open Government Partnership


Czech Republic – example for all?

Jiri Richter, Sananim  (NGO)
Lucia Kissova, head of the unit for drug policy coordination and funding, Governmental Council for drug policy coordination


Panel Discussion with national representatives (GO and NGO) from Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Italy (tbc)

Moderator: Jamie Bridge, IDPC and Lella Cosmaro, LILA

Portugal – CSOs and the Drug Reform
Jose Queiroz, Apdes
Manuel Cardoso, SICAD – Deputy General Mananger

Ireland- xxx

Italy –  CS involvement in Regional drug policies,
Susanna Ronconi, Forum Droghe
Angela Bravi,  Health Department of Regione Umbria – Coordinator Drug Services Office



15.30 – 16.00

Coffee break



16.00 – 17.00

A Roadmap to better Civil Society Involvement

Moderator: Marcus Keane , Ana Liffey  and Marta Pinto, Apdes

Introduction to the roadmap – Marcus Keane

The future of civil society involvement:

– consultation mechanisms with state agencies – Tonu Baso
– CSO activities – leadership, technical capacity, building relationships – Susanna Ronconi
– research, monitoring and evaluation as a tool to increase evidence – Danielo Balotta
– media and public awareness – Tony Duffin
– community involvement – Matt Southwell



Wrap up

Eberhard Schatz, Correlation Network








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